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Capturing a Moment: Photographer Bruce Weber's Detroit-Based Campaign for Shinola


“Detroit’s full of characters,” says photographer Bruce Weber, who, eight years ago, corralled a sampling of the city’s talented eccentrics for a major photo portfolio for W magazine titled, "Welcome to Motor City." Now he’s shot and filmed an entirely new batch of wonderfully singular personalities from the city for Shinola, the growing watch and leather goods company aiming to revitalize manufacturing in Detroit. “People there have a good sense of humor,” Weber continues. “They were like, ‘What are you doing with all those pictures?’ and ‘Hey, you should be photographing all the cars here, not me.’ ” Not one to miss anything, Weber did get a few made-in-America automobiles on film (as well as Shinola’s bicycles, produced in the former research lab for General Motors). But still, it’s hard to take your eyes off of subjects like ten-year-old rapper Asia Newson or local legend chanteuse Ms. Cubie.

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