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Fashion & Technology: Could industry cross-breeding become Detroitís future?

Detroit is seeing a new wave of creative startups, and fashion is one industry on the rise. Recently, more capital has been made available to technology companies, aiming to turn Detroit into a “Silicon Valley of the Midwest." If, as they say, 90% of fashion is marketing, and social media use is at a high, shouldn’t apparel businesses be considered an investment opportunity in Detroit’s creative economy? What ways can we extend these tech startup incentives to multiple industries?

Moving Forward with Joey Landis

In the Motor City, photographer Noah Stephens travels by bicycle. On his latest journey, he meets up with fellow cyclist Joey Landis, co-founder of bike messenger service Rock Dove Couriers. Joey is part of a new wave of Detroiters finding entrepreneurial opportunity on two wheels. (Photo essay from The People of Detroit for UIX.)
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VIDEO: Scott Alan Davis

The North End is one of Detroit's outer-lying communities that was hard-hit by decades of disinvestment, but the Vanguard CDC works hard every day towards education development, community development and economic development in the North End community so that everyone has "an on-ramp" to join "the prosperity highway." Video by DETROIT LIVES!

VIDEO: Charlie Cavell

As a student at Wayne State University, Charlie Cavell discovered a problem he wanted to help solve. "There are a lot of people without jobs in this city. How do we fix that?" Thus was born the Pay it Forward Initiative. In this video, Charlie sits down with DETROIT LIVES! to share how his small startup project is making a big difference.

VIDEO: Delphia Simmons

How do you help the vulnerably-housed move toward financial security and independence? For Delphia Simmons of Thrive Detroit, the answer is micro-entrepreneurial opportunity. Video by DETROIT LIVES!
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