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UIX Detroit: Join the Movement

For the past three years, Urban Innovation Exchange has been following hundreds of small projects making a big impact in Detroit. We have covered everyone from corporate executives working to create stronger communities to grassroots organizers galvanizing people on the streets. They've ranged from tech start-ups to restaurateurs, spiritual leaders to youth advocates, artists to ambassadors. Three years and some 300 people later and we can say: this is the face of Detroit innovation. Video by DETROIT LIVES!

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UIX REPORT: Detroit Innovation Insights

Data Driven Detroit and Urban Innovation Exchange present this Detroit Innovation Insights series, revealing key insights collected by UIX and D3 through our three-year research initiative to identify and map the ecosystem of urban innovators and their projects across Detroit. This is Part 1 of a three-part series that looks at the nuts and bolts behind "innovation."
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Read about small-scale impact projects moving Detroit forward

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