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Call for Ideas: Innovative ways to fund small-scale community projects?

Detroit has very active foundations and corporations that invest millions of dollars in our community. Usually these funds are directed toward larger, established civic institutions and non-profit organizations with a demonstrated record of impact and success. But what if you have a new, untested idea to address a neighborhood need? How can we create more funding opportunities for smaller-scale but potentially transformative community projects?
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Microfunding Videos

VIDEO: Amy Kaherl

For our last issue of 2013, we're taking a look back at one of our favorite videos from the first two years of UIX. In case you missed it the first time, here is Amy Kaherl from Detroit SOUP talking about their monthly fundraising dinner to support local projects. Video by DETROIT LIVES! 

VIDEO: Rishi Jaitly

Kiva Detroit co-founder Rishi Jaitly talks about his work with Kiva Detroit and the Knight Foundation at the Revitalization & Business Initiative's Detroit Shift conference, held at the University of Michigan's School of Business is association with Model D's IdeaLab. Video by RB Conference.

VIDEO: Delphia Simmons

How do you help the vulnerably-housed move toward financial security and independence? For Delphia Simmons of Thrive Detroit, the answer is micro-entrepreneurial opportunity. Video by DETROIT LIVES!
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