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Working towards a bike share program for Detroit

Lisa Nuszkowski, Senior Project Administrator for Economic Development at Wayne State University, recently visited internationally-renowned cycling-friendly cities Paris and Copenhagen to take some lessons in transit and mobility back to Detroit. 

Detroit, get ready for transit-oriented development

Public officials and developers across the region are preparing to reap the economic potential of functional transit, something many cities across the country have already done. How it gets done in Detroit is critical to its success, writes Nina Ignaczak.

Youth Transit Alliance: Pilot program gets kids where they need to go

The lack of functional public transit in Detroit hits kids hard, especially when there is no bus to get them to and from youth programs. A new partnership, launched by the Skillman Foundation and the Detroit Bus Company, is meeting this critical demand.

Moving Forward with Joey Landis

In the Motor City, photographer Noah Stephens travels by bicycle. On his latest journey, he meets up with fellow cyclist Joey Landis, co-founder of bike messenger service Rock Dove Couriers. Joey is part of a new wave of Detroiters finding entrepreneurial opportunity on two wheels. (Photo essay from The People of Detroit for UIX.)
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Transportation Videos

VIDEO: Andy Didorosi

Andy Didorosi is a "social entrepreneur" (not a self-proscribed title, but one he graciously accepts). As the founder of the Paper Street small business incubator in Ferndale and the Detroit Bus Company, a tech-savvy biofuel-powered "transit revolution," Didorosi sees the changes happening in Detroit from multiple perspectives -- slow, humble, and ultimately surprising. Video by DETROIT LIVES!
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