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Detroit Goes National: 10 Moments That Made Us Proud [VIDEO]

UIX main photo
UIX main photo -
By Claire Nelson
December 8, 2014

Not so long ago, it seemed the only thing Detroiters could agree on was that the national media did not agree with Detroit. The relentless "ruin porn" and grim economic forecasting often missed another story entirely -- one of local creativity, collaboration and resilience.

Today, we're seeing more Detroit innovators get the national recognition they deserve, and it's about time. Not just the usual suspects (do we even need to name names?), but a larger cast of passionate problem-solvers whose stories are spreading beyond city limits, inspiring a new era of civic engagement.

As we reflect on the last three years of Urban Innovation Exchange and the hundreds of innovators we've profiled along the way, here are a few of our proudest media moments. And before you say it -- yes, this list barely scratches the surface. But that's exactly our point.

Ten Detroit Stories Worth Sharing:
  1. Shaka Senghor of The Atonement Project gives powerful TED talk, gets 1 million views (and counting).

  1. Devita Davison of FoodLab gets nod from Oprah as "one of Detroit's finest." Detroit nods along.

  1. Jason Hall of Detroit Bike City becomes the apple of Apple's eye, makes commercial that doesn't suck.

  1. Sebastian Jackson of Social Club Grooming Company goes primetime on Growing America, gives us reason to turn on the TV.

  1. Pashon Murray of Detroit Dirt struts for Ford, wins Martha Stewart American Made Award, makes compost sexy.
Watch the video here.  
  1. Amy Kaherl of Detroit SOUP goes to the White House, returns home with Champion of Change honor, earns her DJ name.
 Watch the video here.  
  1. Tom Nardone of Detroit Mower Gang hangs with Anthony Bourdain. Rides tractors. Makes cutting grass look fun on CNN.
Watch the video here
  1. Riet Schumack welcomes the Oprah Winfrey Network to Brightmoor, shows them 'round the farm.

  1. Mark Covington of Georgia Street graces the silver screen in Urbanized, becomes doc film darling.
Watch the video here
  1. Veronika Scott of The Empowerment Plan gets kudos from...well, everyone. But we especially loved the JFK New Frontier Awards. And the Diane von Furstenberg Awards. And her story for The Gap.

Now your turn: What are your favorite Detroit media moments and milestones? Share your links with us on Facebook or Twitter @UIXDetroit #detroit #innovation

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