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Detroit Goes National: 10 Moments That Made Us Proud [VIDEO]

Urban Innovation Exchange director Claire Nelson takes a look back at Detroit innovators in the national media and highlights 10 of our favorite moments. Of course, as she notes: "…this list barely scratches the surface. But that's exactly our point."

Marlowe Stoudamire: The Butterfly Effect of Social Return on Investment

Marlowe Stoudamire reflects on his international experiences as a Marshall Memorial Fellow and how he can translate those experiences and the best practices he learned abroad to his business and public engagement consulting firm, Butterfly Effect Detroit

When Great Minds Meet

A social entrepreneur, an oil and gas executive, and a politician walk into a conference in Detroit…so what happens next? The short answer: when great minds meet, creative ideas emerge.

Thirteen doable ideas for cities from first ever Urban Innovation Exchange

Last month, a group of innovators behind small scale, place-based projects around the country convened in Detroit and talked about what works in their cities.

Can small ideas add up to big change for cities? 13 projects that prove they can (VIDEO)

Urban revitalization is not built on stadiums and skyscrapers alone. Vibrant cities begin with passionate people working on the ground, doing the creative heavy lifting to make their communities better. Leading up to Urban Innovation Exchange Sept. 24-26 in Detroit, we take a look at 13 small projects with big potential.
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Community Engagement Videos

VIDEO: Why Detroit's the place to talk about urban innovation

After all the talk of Detroit becoming a hotbed of innovation and inspiration, the first-ever #UIXDET conference set out to show it during a three-day large-scale idea exchange featuring innovators from across the country. See for yourself! Video by Iron Coast Video

UIX: Portraits of Detroit Innovation

For the last 3 years, UIX has been documenting the growing movement of artists, makers, entrepreneurs and innovators leading creative neighborhood transformation in Detroit. In this look back, photographer Doug Coombe shares some of the people, projects & places he has captured along the way. Want the full experience? Join us at #UIXDET Sept 24-26, 2014 in Detroit. Music: "Baptism" by Passalacqua, off their new album CHURCH


Interested in Detroit creativity and innovation? September is the time to dive in. Join us for Detroit Design Festival (September 23-28), Urban Innovation Exchange (September 24-26), Dlectricity (September 26-27), and Meeting of the Minds (September 30-October 2). For more info, visit http://UIXDetroit.com/events. Video by DLECTRICITY

VIDEO: Dan Kinkead, Detroit Future City

Dan Kinkead, director of projects of the Detroit Future City (DFC) Implementation Office, discusses the future of Detroit Future City and how his team is taking the next steps from strategic framework study to physical implementation. Video by DETROIT LIVES

VIDEO: Shaka Senghor at TEDxMidwest

Writer, teacher and MIT Media Fellow Shaka Senghor recently gave the last talk of Session 10 on "Passion" at TED2014, receiving a standing ovation from the national audience. While we wait for the footage, here's a video from Senghor's earlier talk at TEDxMidwest, which starts with a literal bang: When he was 19, he shot and killed another man. At the time, he was a young drug dealer “with a quick temper and a semi-automatic pistol.” Senghor says that the “23 years since have been a story of apology, acknowledgement and atonement.”
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