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Ned Staebler

Ned Staebler is Vice President of Economic Development at Wayne State University, and has been one of the most significant driving forces behind Midtown's rapid redevelopment. 

Graem Whyte and Faina Lerman

Graem Whyte and Faina Lerman are the founders of Popps Packing, a home, studio, and experimental arts venue aimed at promoting dialogue and cultural exchange between the local, national and international communities through exhibitions, performances, workshops and artist residencies.

Tom Derry

Tom Derry is the driving force behind Navin Field Grounds Crew, a volunteer organization that maintains the historic ballfield at Michigan and Trumbull. 

April Boyle

April Boyle is the Director of Small Business Initiatives at D:hive, where small-time entrepreneurs can find the resources they need to get started.

Chris Blauvelt

Chris Blauvelt is the founder of Patronicity, a Detroit-based crowdfunding platform that tailors its platform to local and civic-minded endeavors.

Veronica Grandison and Leah Johnson

Veronica Grandison and Leah Johnson are the co-founders of ColorBlind Magazine, an e-zine that centers on women and minorities, providing stories that encourage cultural awareness and raise pride among minority groups.

Shawn Blanchard

Shawn Blanchard is co-founder of Networkingout, a Detroit-based fitness and social organization with the goal of creating and strengthening communities of professionals committed to living healthier lifestyles through collaborative effort, fitness, education and information sharing. 

Bill Sullivan

Bill Sullivan is the coordinator of the Social Innovation Lab for the Institute for Population Health (IPH), a nonprofit social enterprise that promotes health and wellness among residents of Detroit by providing health services and conducting research that is intended to inform policy.

Todd Scott

Todd Scott is the Detroit Greenways Coordinator for the Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance, a nonprofit organization that fosters and facilitates the creation of an interconnected statewide system of trails and greenways for recreation, health, transportation, economic development and environmental/cultural preservation purposes.

Piper Carter

Piper Carter is a partner in 5e Gallery, an alternative multidisciplinary arts organization that presents and supports contemporary artists and their work, facilitates the creation of new work, and creatively engages, builds, and informs audiences and communities. 

Mike Ferlito

Mike Ferlito of the Ferlito Group has led two new communtiy- and liveability-minded developments in the past year, Bamboo Detroit in Brush Park and Anytime Fitness downtown.

Kelly Guillory

Kelly Guillory is a Detroit-based comic book artist who has released Blood Money: The Road to Detroit through her own publishing company, Ashur Collective.

Tyson Gersh

Tyson Gersh is co-founder of Michigan Urban Farming Initiative, a nonprofit organization that seeks to engage members of the Michigan community in sustainable agriculture.

Fiona Ruddy

Fiona Ruddy is Eastern Market's Director of Food Access, and is shepherding new ideas at the old market. 

Jacob Corvidae

Jacob Corvidae is interim executive director of EcoWorks (formerly WARM Training Center), a Detroit-based nonprofit organization that aims at creating a more sustainable community - in more ways than one. 
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