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Digerati Girls

Monica and Adrienne Wheat are the founders of Digerati Girls, a nonprofit that creates connections, programs, and experiential opportunities to increase the number of women and young girls in digital entrepreneurship and digital marketing careers.

Beehive Recording Company

Beehive Recording Company is a nontraditional music label that records artists for free and provides free mp3 downloads of all music recorded to the public.

Black Catalogue

Black Catalogue releases underground electronic music from Detroit and around the world. 

Detroit Party Marching Band

Detroit Party Marching Band is a guerilla street band. 

Detroit Urban Stringz II Youth Ensemble

Urban Stringz is a strong youth ensemble that develops and enhances students' musical talents and abilities in addition to exposing them to our culturally rich and diverse.

Art & Development Inc.

Art & Development is a working studio and gallery established by Detroit artist Camilo Pardo.


Signal-Return is a traditional letter press design and print shop in Eastern Market co-owned by Toby Barlow.

Woodbridge Pub

The Woodbridge Pub is a neighborhood bar that serves affordable, hand-made food and also serves as a community hub. 

Sweet Potato Sensations

Sweet Potato Sensations is a soulful bakery café catered to the sweet lover.

Detroit Design Center

Detroit Design Center is a company of artists that create exquisite furniture pieces, accessories, sculptures, lights and more.

Brand Camp University

Brand Camp University is a multi-faceted resource program that assists small business owners. 

LOVELAND Technologies

LOVELAND Technologies is a software company that does interactive city mapping and crowd sourcing.


Mindfield is a creative media company specializing in video, shooting, editorial, motion design, 3-D, interactive, and mobile.

Spirit of Hope

Spirit of Hope is leading lives of hope and love in Detroit and the world as followers of Jesus Christ. 

Detroit Bike City

Detroit Bike City is an organization dedicated to promoting cycling in the City of Detroit. Through weekly rides, tours, bike-in theater, and events/shows, Detroit Bike City is continually contributing to the growth of bicycle culture in the city with a goal to further bicycling not only as a health initiative, but also to help improve Detroit’s image in order to repopulate it.
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