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Southwest Detroit's GRACE IN ACTION (GRACE) is a Southwest Detroit-based Christian faith community working to engage youth and organize residents around key issues. 

Summer in the City (SITC)

Summer In The City (SITC) is a nonprofit volunteering and service organization that mobilizes volunteers around three initiative areas; paint, plant and play. Summer in the City (SIC), through its volunteer corps, paints murals around the city, helps at community gardens (plant) and partners with relevant organizations and groups to develop and staff youth enrichment programs through the city (play).

Detroit Asian Youth Project (DAY)

The Detroit Asian Youth (DAY) Project educates youth about national and local Asian-American history using community projects and conversation to help them understand the connection between their heritage and the larger Detroit.

Sisters Inspiring Sisters (SIS)

Sisters Inspiring Sisters (SIS) works with female high school students in the city of Detroit, offering them mentoring sessions in key life skill areas from relationships and domestic violence to college preparation and conflict resolution.

Greening of Detroit

The Greening of Detroit is a nonprofit organization established in 1989 to guide and inspire others to create a greener Detroit through planting and educational programs, environmental leadership, advocacy, and community capacity-building.

Detroit Wallpaper Company

A project by artist Mary K Bazzi, Detroit Wallpaper Company is an exploration of art beyond the canvas, realized through murals on urban surfaces in public spaces.

Hot Spokes

Founded by Shayne O'Keefe, Hot Spokes is a lunch delivery service serving greater downtown Detroit. Partnering with local independent restaurants, Hot Spokes delivers food right to your door - by bicycle.

D-Town Farm

D-Town Farm is the urban agriculture initiative of the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network, a group of individuals and organizations dedicated to building food security and advocating for food justice for Detroit’s majority African-American community.

Detroit Greencycle

Detroit GreenCycle is a curbside recycling and compost pick-up service. For a nominal monthly fee, GreenCycle collects recycling from residents and businesses in the greater downtown area by bicycle, delivering recyclables to Recycle Here and compost to local gardens.

Downtown Boxing Gym

The Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program is a non-profit organization committed to enhancing the lives of young Detroit men and women through physical training, academic tutoring and counseling, and community service opportunities.


CLAVE stands for Community of Latino Artists, Visionaries and Educators. Founded in Southwest Detroit in 2008 to continue the work of Casa de Unidad, the organization advocates for cultural appreciation, using art to create community unity.

Pay it Forward Initiative

Founded by Charlie Cavell in 2010, the Pay it Forward Initiative partners jobless residents of Detroit with internships at local nonprofits and companies. 

Brightmoor Alliance

The Brightmoor Alliance is a coalition of nearly 50 organizations dedicated to serving northwest Detroit's Brightmoor community.

Cafe Con Leche

Café Con Leche is an independent, locally-owned café in Southwest Detroit. The business was founded on the belief that strong communities need a central gathering place that reflects the diversity of the neighborhood.

Detroit Big F Deal

Detroit Big F Deal is a crowd-funding platform that allows people to contribute money or volunteer their time toward various projects that address a social or civic need.
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